ChanniCool Training Services

ChanniCool Training Services

Introducing another of our sponsors, ChanniCool Training, who have a Business Club membership and also sponsor Patriots player and Marjon student Will White.
We asked Andy Channon, from ChanniCool Training Services why they wanted to sponsor the Patriots. Andy was keen to explain their reasons for partnering with the club. “At ChanniCool Training Services we like to be active in the community and one way of doing this is through sponsorship of various teams. This is our second year of sponsoring the Plymouth City Patriots.

Why did we decide to sponsor in the first place? This is an easy question, a family member dragged the Director to a game at the beginning of last season and he loved it, not just the game but the whole experience from the cheerleaders to PAT the dog and his antics. So as a business owner he enquired on how we could get involved and how could this work for us and our clients.

Plymouth City Patriots have quite a diverse selection of sponsorship opportunities and can cater from small to large investment opportunities, and the club is very flexible if you wanted a more bespoke package also. What caught our eye was the fact that there were opportunities to include season tickets as part of the package. As a business we thought this was excellent as now the business would pay for some seats and allow us to entertain some customers at the same time. So, we decided on a sponsorship package that gave us some marketing coverage as well as 4 season tickets. ChanniCool Training Services is quite a niche training company, and, in all reality, we do not expect to gain many customers from this, but it is still pleasing to see our name branded around here and there. The Patriots club have made us feel extremely welcome and part of their wider family, something we don’t really get with some of our other sponsorship activities.

This season we have decided to sponsor a player also, we decided on one of the young and upcoming players who had impressed us last season, although he may not play in that many games we thought it was nice to try and give him some support and let him know people have taken note of his performances and attitude with the hope this will help build his confidence and assist him to grow as a player.

We have attended some business networking events and got to meet the coach and some players as well as seeing the vision the owner has. As a result, we believe that this club has a lot of potential and is going in the right direction.

Watching the Patriots also gives me and my family and customers something to look forward to, I mean what else is better to do on a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon?”
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