Two big games coming up for your City Patriots

Two big games coming up for your City Patriots

It looks set to be a busy Christmas for the Plymouth City Patriots, who have two games book ending the festive period.

Starting with the annual “Christmas Jumper Game” on Saturday the 23rd December at 8pm, and heading towards the new year with another 8pm tip off on Saturday 30th December.

For the first of the festive games the Patriots will take on the Caledonia Gladiators, making the longest journey in the BBL just two days before Christmas day. The Gladiators will bring with them their new look squad after releasing and replacing Mihailo Jovičić with Mike Bothwell, formerly of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Summer League squad. After losing twice to the Gladiators this season, the Patriots will be looking to grab the win, giving them the opportunity to tie the series two wins each, when the two face off again in mid April.

Patrick Whelan 15pts per game for the Caledonia Gladiators.

Jordan Johnson 19pts per game for the Newcastle Eagles.

After Christmas and heading towards the new year, the Patriots will take on the star studded Newcastle Eagles, who have impressed in Europe this season in the ENBL against solid opposition. The Patriots will again be looking for the win, and similarly to the Gladiators situation, give themselves the opportunity to tie the series two a piece when the Plymouth side head back to Newcastle in mid February.

With a busy festive period, the Patriots have a great opportunity to get some much needed wins and edge their way closer to a playoff position. The focus, for a small portion of the game on the 23rd December at least, will definitely shift to the Christmas jumpers on show. Last season a spectacular parade of garishly and brightly coloured jumpers made for entertaining images spreading across social media, and this year hopefully will prove to be no different. Tickets for both games are available through the Patriots website


Pablo Cheeks.

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