• Welcome to the new 2023/24 Patriots season and we have pleasure in providing the following season ticket information.
    Existing Season and Business Club Ticket Holders
    These tickets will be held and available to be rebooked for the coming season. It will be the responsibility of the ticket holder to rebook these, and all monies would need to be paid to reclaim your seats. Once paid you will be contacted by the club to check that you want to retain your existing seats. Failure to pay for your season tickets may result in your seats being resold or reallocated. If you do not wish to renew, please advise, by email, as soon as possible so we can issue for resale. All existing season ticket holders will have priority on seats before new season ticket holders are allocated seating.
    New Season Ticket Holders
    All new season ticket holders will be able to purchase their tickets at the same time and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis, once all existing season tickets have been allocated. By allocation we mean that we will contact everyone in the order that their seats were booked and advise on the current availability of seats at that time. Once seats numbers are agreed with you, we will allocate these to your season ticket. This process will take place as soon as we know the situation on all existing season tickets, which we hope to resolve as soon as quickly as we can.
    As part of the Helm system, you will be purchasing a membership with the club when buying your season ticket. This will be listed as a 6-month membership, in both cases, but is valid for the whole season. The reason for this being listed as a 6-month membership is that we are giving people the option to pay up front, or over 6 months and this is how it appears on the system. The membership will not be renewed after 6 months, and you will not be recharged. The two options therefore are to pay a monthly fee, over 6 months, or in a single payment. Both options are displayed on the booking system.

    Prices confirmed for the relevant season tickets are as follows, which are higher than last season, as they include more games than last year, with a slight cost increase.
    Adult Season Ticket
    Full Season Price - £250.00
    Or £45.00 a month over 6 months - £270
    Child Season Ticket
    Full Season Price - £130.00
    Or £24.00 a month over 6 months - £144.00
    Concession Season Ticket
    Full Season Price - £210.00
    Or £38.00 a month over 6 months - £228.00
    Family Season Ticket
    Full Season Price - £620.00
    Or £110 a month over 6 months - £660.00.
    Booking commission and VAT have been absorbed by the club, this season, in order to keep the prices as competitive as possible. Discounts have also been applied for payment up front rather than payment over a 6-month period.
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    This information should assist you prior to purchasing your ticket, but if you have any queries, please feel free to email on info@plymouthcitypatriots.com
    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to you joining us for an eventful season!